Past Case Results



EMPLOYER                         RESULT


Danny’s Construction           $1.3 Million Dollars in medical and permanent disability benefits for self-employed

                                                    Contractor who was catastrophically injured when he fell from the roof of his own                                                     home. His  workers compensation insurance carrier refused to pay or otherwise settle                                                     his case. Case was tried to conclusion in the Workers Compensation Court and                                                           affirmed by the Appellate Division. Click HERE to read the full story.           


Rite Aid Pharmacy                 Total permanent disability and free lifetime psychiatric medical care for Rite Aid                                                     Pharmacy worker who was continually harassed and ridiculed by her supervisor                                                         because of her poor job performance.


General Electric                      Total permanent disability for a worker who stepped on a nail and suffered severe                                                     complications of his relatively minor puncture wound because of his pre-existing                                                       diabetic condition.


Johns Manville Corp             Total permanent disability for a worker who suffered asbestos-related   lung                                                          disease, and then lifetime dependency benefits for his widow after he died from this                                                     work related injury.


Monday Morning, Inc.          Total permanent disability for a worker who sustained a rare adverse reaction                                                     to a flu shot that was recommended by her employer – a child care service.


Rutgers University                 Total permanent disability for a client whose injury confined her to a wheelchair,                                                     and additionally received a court order compelling the workers' compensation                                                            insurance carrier to pay for special housing to accommodate her handicap.


S&S Roofing                             $550,000 for the unborn child of a deceased roofer when it was discovered that his                                                     girlfriend was pregnant at the time of his death.


United Airlines                       Workers compensation benefits including hand surgery and partial total disability for                                                     an off duty flight attendant who was wearing her uniform at the time of her injury.

                                                    Case required a full trial.




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