Workers Compensation Cases are not the same as ordinary personal injury cases for Negligence. They are heard in an entirely different court system under an entirely different set of rules than what most lawyers are accustomed to.

There are no juries and your case will be decided by a Judge.  These are just some of the reasons why you need to be represented by an attorney who specializes in the handling of workers compensation claims.


Since 2005, Dennis M. Baptista has been Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Workers Compensation Law Attorney. To qualify for this certification, an attorney must be at least a five-year member of the NJ Bar and have completed numerous continuing legal education courses. In addition, the attorney must show a substantial involvement in the preparation of litigated matters, and demonstrate primary responsibility for a large number of trials  in  the  New Jersey Workers Compensation Courts.


Less than 1% of New Jersey's attorneys are certified by the Supreme Court as having the credentials and experience required for this distinction, and even fewer of that number are petitioner's attorneys who represent the injured worker! The application for Certification requires attorneys to list at least 120 workers compensation claims that have been settled or handled to conclusion within the three years immediately preceding the application. Most petitioner's attorneys simply do not have that many cases so the overwhelming majority of Certified Workers' Compensation Attorneys are  respondent attorneys who represent the employers. Dennis Baptista is one of fewer than 50 such petitioner’s attorneys who represents workers in New Jersey to have been so certified.


Further requirements include an unblemished reputation. Applicants must submit a list of other attorneys and judges who can attest to their character and ability. Finally, the applicant must pass a full day's written examination covering various aspects of workers compensation law practice.


The Certification program provides a useful consumer guide to identifying attorneys with specific legal experience in handling Workers Compensation matters. Certified attorneys may retain the distinction for only seven years before applying for recertification, at which time they must satisfy another set of requirements, insuring they have retained their competence.


Clients of Dennis M. Baptista know that their case is in the hands of one of the most distinguished and accomplished Workers Compensation Attorneys in the state.

Why use a Certified Workers’ Comp Attorney?

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